Saturday 22 March 2014

My Week and a Harvest Mouse

Harvest Mouse coming to life
on  an ear of corn.

Watermark Exhibition Behind the Scenes: This week has been busy. I suppose all my weeks are! But I completed the collection for my show at The Frame Gallery in Odiham. I will see these paintings in frames on Monday, when each will need to be measured for the catalogue, titled and priced.  This side of exhibiting takes time that often isn't recognised. Then there is the wrapping  of paintings for delivery to the gallery. When this collection is on display in the gallery I will finally be able to see the result of all the work  behind the scenes. And its' a lot!

My new Book: I have been working on my new book. The  latest chapters have me now so enthralled that I wake early each day to continue on them. I love writing.But what I love more is the fact that if I get this book right everyone who is fascinated by watercolour will love it even more. Each page is full of tips and ideas for painting fabulous compositions. I'm trying to give a feeling of each new chapter being opened as that thrill of opening special Christmas gifts. One of excitement and sheer pleasure. If you like the gift of course! My publisher is really excited and thinks this will be my best book to date. I am very happy.  Actually I am over the moon that they like it so much!

USA 2015: There is a lot of excitement about my 2015 USA new book signing tour. And I am happy to announce that I will also be in West Virginia for the very first time, adding to my book signing events and workshops in California and St Louis.

Australia 2014 : As well as workshops I will be giving  demonstrations and talks  for Art Societies in Adelaide, Tasmania and Brisbane in November this year. My Australian workshops are all fully booked although I need to check with Sydney as I think there are places left but I need to update this news.

New Paintings: Between all the organisation I am painting as if I have never painted before in my life. I have no idea what happened this month but a new  sense of adventure has hit my brushes in such a huge way. I cannot describe the feeling but I am working in my studio on paintings for my book and future exhibitions. The harvest mouse on corn above is an example of  one of my newly found subjects this year. And I love breathing life into them. Little harvest mice. Working in watercolour is so magical. 

I wish everyone could find this feeling of peace in their lives, even if it is just for the time they are painting!

Have a great weekend!


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Lodahl Art Works said...

I am so glad you are working on another book. I love all of your publications!! They give me great inspiration. Thank you.