Thursday, 20 March 2014

Watermark Solo Exhibition: Watercolour Collection Preview

Jean Haines Solo Exhibition
The Frame Gallery
April 4th - 25th,. 2014

My solo exhibition at the Frame Gallery in Odiham is looking really exciting. As my collection comes together for what I feel is going to be a gorgeous show. I have indulged myself by painting my favourite subjects and new ones for this event.  I honestly cannot wat to see this collection in the gallery. I have had so many lovely emails over the years from visitors to my shows who have missed seeing certain watercolours , due to early sales in each exhibition. So I thought it would be an idea to share with you some of my latest work that will be in "Watermark". My one woman exhibition in Hampshire.

Lets' start this guided blog tour of my show with "Little Donkey".  A friend of mine living in France has several donkeys, one she calls "Cappucino" and I love the name.  This is the first time I have ever shown donkeys in an exhibition and I think they are my new favourite subject. This piece is beautiful  off screen. It carries a gorgeous feeling of wanting to touch the  donkeys' muzzle when you look at it.

"Little Donkey"

This second donkey has a very special watercolour quality to it. There is a sense of depth and mystical movement. As if the donkey is actually turning to look at you. Whichever direction you look at it from , the gaze seems to follow you!

"Donkey Love"

My next new subject  is a beautiful badger. This painting needs to be seen off screen to gain the full effect. There is a softness of early morning sunlight as the badger appears. The nose is especially  beautiful. My first badger painting in an exhibition. And definitely a new favourite.

"Badger Whisper"

No exhibition of mine would be complete with out a cockerel painting or two in it!  As I had none available in galleries, I am aware these are going to be a welcome sight.  This first one is wonderfully alive. It jumps off the paper at you in glorious glowing colour, with an almost 3D effect which is what I was aiming for. I love this piece so much that I nearly kept it for my new book. It is indeed, a "feel good" painting. I felt wonderful when I painted it and I feel good looking at it!

"Best in Show"

Talking of feeling good. The next cockerel painting was selecetd for the invitation image because it goes very well with the title of my show. Sometimes when you work in watercolour, something incredibly magical happens in the way of watermarks or water effects. This painting screams watercolour in every sense. To me it is beautiful in that the colours sing and it holds a sense of postive energy.

"Looking Good"

 There is a gorgeous kitten,hedgehog, flowers and many more subjecst in this new collection.

Should anyone wish to purchase a piece please could you contact the gallery directly. Jan, the owner is more than happy to help. Whilst the show opens officially on April 4th, quite often pieces are reserved in advance.  That is why you sometimes see red dots on paintings on the opening night.  Collectors contact galleries well in advance to show interest and it ensures you don't miss the  piece you have fallen in love with.

On another note. I have had some lovely messages from people who would like to attend a Preview but feel they shouldn't without an invitation. There is no Private Preview for this exhibition. But there is an opening night on 4th April which everyone is welcome to attend. I will be there from 5.30 to 7.30.p.m , after that I am being whisked off to another event! But I would love to sign books and meet you in person if you can make it.

For everyone who sent me  smashing messages about my violet paintings. They are in the show in beautiful frames. In fact, the frames are stunning on all the work.  Do  visit The Frame Gallery in Odiham , Hampshire if you get a chance.

And if you need any help on how to get here please contact Jan on

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