Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Simple Things : Forget-Me_Not

Colour Interpretation

Sometimes it is nice to paint just because I feel like it. Not for galleries or exhibitions,  for my book or for any other reason. Painting purely for the sheer joy of seeing colour flow across paper. This morning while I wandered around our cottage garden I noticed the first Forget-Me-Nots starting to flower. I enjoy these little blue flowers so much.  I like the romance in their name. I love that they used to be pressed and given to soldiers, as they left for war, with the loving message they represented. 


Such a simple, insigificant flower carries such a powerful name.  I couldn't resist picking a tiny spray and bringing it into my studio to use as a subject for my daily colour exercises. Initially I played with colour combinations and light brush strokes to not only match the flowers, but also gain a feeling of their delicacy. Lightness of touch was a must!

 Matching Forget-Me-Not to watercolour shades. I have opted for turquoise and violet for the petals, using cerulean Blue and Cadmium Yellow to create a spring green for the leaves.

 I have worked on two studies to being my  experimental work on these sweet flowers. The pleasure in simply watching colour flow over paper and pigment interect cannot be described. I do wish everyone painted in watercolour. The feeling of freedom whilst working this way is so special. It lightens your soul and makes you feel instantly happy!

 Watercolour studies of Forget-Me-Not flowers. Light, interesting with a sense of mystery.

 By standing these little studies up and taking time to study the colour combinations, I can decide where to work further by adding detail. Or choose how to begin new pieces for a series.

The two studies side by side.

My favourite piece at the moment is this one, below.

Favourite Forget-me-Not study. 
(Without Detail)

But by the time I have finished writing this blog post I may just have changed my mind!

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