Saturday, 5 June 2010

Alresford Art Society

Having been invited as a guest artist I arrived in Alresford last night to demonstrate to the Alresford Art Society. I recieve many requests to give talks and demonstrations  but sadly due to ever growing commitments quite often it is impossible to fit them all in. Fortunately dates and timings worked so that a while back I was able to agree to this occasion.

I have walked into many rooms full of new faces in different locations so always have an open mind on what to expect. However I was  really impressed with the professional arrangements  at Alresford. being held in the local recreation centre with the meeting take place in a very large modern room.

I was met by Sue Gentry who aided me in the arrangements for the evening which meant being fitted with a microphone and then working out where  it would suit best for me to sit to be shown via camera on a large screen so that the members where ever they were seated could have a good view.

Members  started arriving and a warm atmosphere was immediately evident which is often the case in many societies where artists are eager to meet each other and share their news or experiences. The number attending was almost fifty as an audience so the screen really did  make a difference for those sat at the  back.

After the welcome and news introduction I started with a loose interpretation of delphiniums which  very quickly covered a large piece of white paper. Often it is that first brush mark that terrifies an artist along with the thought of looking at a white piece of paper. Imagining ruining whatever you put on it so we looked at how to take the pressure off our shoulders immediately by deliberately painting for the bin  which is now an expression permanently linked to my name! It is a  wonderful feeling just relaxing allowing colour to simply  run over paper without caring about the results. Try it!

Next I moved to a complex racing scene starting from a tiny point and working away from the face of one rider. I answered questions as I worked regarding what paper I prefer to use, how I have evolved over time and do I feel I am still growing as an artist. The answer to this last question is yes, definitely ! On top of this I look back at last years work and see a huge improvement in my results now with the extra added excitement I know I will feel exactly the same next year when I look back to today.

My style is  fun because even I never know exactly what is going to happen next. Each time I pick up a brush I feel a heady sense of excitement and sheer joy  as I watch colours merge and play  with the water on paper. Sharing this joy is such a privilege. One I never take for granted.

During the break I met several members individually and enjoyed the stunning view from the balcony  which   looks onto amazing countryside.

To receive comments on how much my demonstration and method of working was enjoyed, found to be  inspirational and motivational was such a terrific feeling.  To hear one member tell me I had removed the fear of painting for them was a most magical highlight of the night.

I left thinking about the society. How lucky they are to have such a terrific venue and  such  brilliant equipment. I also was really impressed with their organization and warmth not just to me but to each other. Friendship  was obvious and a very keen sense of enthusiasm.

You can visit Arlesford Arts Society for their upcoming exhibition from 16th -18th July or if you live nearby I am certain they would welcome new members.

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Thank you so much to everyone who was at last nights demonstration, I loved meeting you and I really appreciate the invitation to be a guest artist for your society. I hope you will be painting up a storm following last nights session!


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