Monday, 28 June 2010

SWA Annual Exhibition 2010


This week will see the opening of the SWA Society for Women Artists Annual exhibition which will be opened by Princess Micheal Of Kent. The event will run from 30th June to 10th July and is a show to definitely not miss.

It is hard to believe that  not so long ago women found it difficult to exhibit, at times having to hide behind anonymous male names to have their work shown.The history of the SWA is well worth reading and a visit to  this years  event will certainly prove to be a showcase of some of the finest female artists work.

I feel this is a huge privilege for me to be showing along side incredible artists and I know the time will pass very quickly until the show is over.

I will be there from tomorrow, for the opening and on Thursday along with next week for my book launch.

"Mans Best Friend"
SWA Exhibit 2010

I have four paintings in the show. One I  have been reluctant about parting with. In a beautiful frame this particular "Mans Best Friend" has  hung in my home ever since starring in the " How to Paint Dogs in a Loose Style" feature I wrote for the SAA,Society for All Artists Paint magazine. I intended to keep him but something just nudged my decision to submit him along with a varied collection of work this  year. Mainly so that I didn't become labelled as the artist who paints cockerels. It was a risk after my winning the Anthony J Lester Art Critic Award last year for a body of colourful cockerel paintings that really shone in vibrant reds.

But the decision happily was a successful one as I have been elected as a full member this year and I am delighted to be exhibiting again.

A black subject painted with unusual colour combinations for added interest.

The strange thing is I was so excited to be asked to write the series but I couldn't find a black dog to paint to demonstrate how I see colour in black subjects. I went for a walk and literally bumped straight into this very handsome four legged star. I painted him softly at first. Enjoyed that stage but added darker tones later on.

 First soft stage.

You can see this painting along with my other  work at the SWA Annual Exhibition until 10th July.
I will be demonstrating at the launch of my book at the Mall Galleries on 7th July,



AK said...

Amazing colors. Just what a watercolor should look like.

Mike said...

G'day Jean from Oz,

Looks fantastic. I would love to learn to paint black dogs, as my mum has adopted one...Jack used to be Zack and lived on a golf driving range.I like to tell the story of how he went into witness protection for dogs...he witnessed too many bad golf a new name and a new home. He now loves his new abode on a hobby farm with chooks to mingle with.

I have ordered your first book from Amazon...looking forward to it's arrival. Are black dogs featured in either of your books, Jean?
Many thanks for a great blog,
Best regards, Mike and Lacey.