Saturday, 19 June 2010

Magic by a Brushstroke

Owl Appearing from a First Wash
Painted During a recent Workshop Demonstration.

After an exciting week of filming a DVD and then racing to an evenings charity event this week I am now back in my studio and deciding what pieces to work on. I have owls, flowers galore, racing scenes and cockerels waiting to be completed. And what would you expect me to choose? Absolutely none of them as I am working on a harbour scene which even  to me is a complete suprise!

I love the free way I work. To have to paint a definite subject and deny my heart the freedom to work at will would be like keeping a bird in a cage. Losing the will to sing being unable to fly.

"Paint whatever calls to your artists soul"  is a favourite saying of mine. And I follow it closely.

This owl is looking so beautiful just as he is.The softness and position of the face is so  thought provoking.Have they seen prey or are they just resting? I am in no haste to complete this  painting,each stage is one to treasure as the journey itself in creating is so rewarding.

On that note I need to get back to my brushes!


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