Friday, 25 June 2010

Geranium Heaven.

Goodness how time is flying. I have had a wonderful guest from Hong Kong this week and behind the scenes I am working on an art article along with several charity events that all need information for press releases and catalogue information. There is so much to do but I knew time out in sunshine to recharge my batteries would be a  really good idea. Sometimes in life we put so much before what our heart yearns for and we often regret not doing just what we really wanted.Which in my case today was to paint. 

I am so glad I listened to my heart! Colour flowed in my first study with patterns forming petals curling over in the heat. I loved the watermarks and fusions in this piece so much I stopped to enjoy it and then reached for a second piece of paper.

 Enjoying a first Stage, not racing to complete it but absorbing the beauty in its simple simplicty is a wonderful way to grow as an artist.

The sun shone so beautifully as I sat quietly capturing a second geranium in glowing colour. It is funny how our minds wander as we work. This afternoon I was painting brilliant juicy reds with touches of orange and my mind immediately flew to when I lived in France. The markets and homes there were so colourful with vibrant pots of geraniums dotted here and there.They always seem to add to the sunshine somehow. This time last year I was at a friends wedding in France and their home was absolutely surrounded by huge old  pots of these charming red flowers which greeted you as you first saw their home come into view.

I can see ghosts of geranium in the background here so I may continue with this piece or I may enjoy it as is.

For now I am just really looking forward to picking up my brush again!


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Anonymous said...

It's great that You told You are going to pick Your brush again...:-)
Geranium are like from nature. I'm admiring it. All the best to You!!!