Saturday, 19 June 2010

Taking a Day at a Time

Beginning of a painting of Venice from my first book on Watercolour
" How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour"

Building up a painting using my technique with no preliminary sketch,taking small steps at a time and working towards a goal is very much the way I live. From my childhood I have always adored working with colour and known from a young age my heart is that of an artist. Having met so many inspirational people  on my travels whilst living in UK and abroad I  have been privileged to study with masters of all nationalities I may otherwise have not met.

When I  opened a demonstration recently with the comment " I still feel very much like a beginner" I was met with stunned surprise but I do. Maybe sharing this feeling will help others to understand we are all, every one of us on a journey. The only difference is  where we are on the road. Some may have started long before us so be more advanced. Others may have started at the same time but due to circumstances be further ahead of us whilst some may be a distance behind. Some may not even know where they are headed until they get there.Others may have a goal, a dream to realise.

We may not always have control over how fast we travel but  we do have power over our enthusiasm and enjoyment of each step taken on our individual journey. Getting anywhere can be a race where we miss all the beautiful sights along the way . Or we can choose to absorb all there is around us.

I am enjoying each step daily which at the moment  feels as though I am running  at full speed.But I do believe life is not a rehearsal and this day will never come again.

I am going to enjoy it and paint it beautiful!




such a beautiful beginning of a painting jean and inspiring post .. wonderful photo of you sorry not to be in the uk for the exhibition .

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Hello Jane, I so wish you could be here as it would have been so amazing to share this moment with you but I know you will behere in spirit. Thank you so much for leaving a reply:)