Monday, 14 June 2010

Wild Roses in Watercolour

"Wild Rose"
Original Watercolour by Jean Haines

I adore this time of year. Walking my  dogs through the country lanes is so incredible when the hedgerows are beautifully covered with small delicate wild roses. Yesterday I picked one small flower  from a bank in our garden and painted it immediately. I know from experience that if I wait until tomorrow the petals will drop and the shape will be lost.

I sat  quietly diluting Alizarin Crimson  to form the petals and worked away into the backgrounds of blues and greens.

It did occur to me that painting something that catches your eye, pulls at your artists soul and begs you to paint it the minute that feeling arises really must aid the results.

This small flower simply flowed onto the paper because I was so in love with it and wanted it to.

Tip: Try painting something that really excites you and see what happens to your results! 



Ady said...

This is so beautiful, Jean.

Helen said...

This is touchingly beautiful Jean!

Anonymous said...

beautiful absolutely beautiful. I love your idea and I have many things call to me, but it always seems that I'm in the middle of something else, either driving somewhere or so full of to do's that I don't take the time to paint. I really need to figure out how to make that more of a priority than I do. something I'm working on. Your blog is very inspiring
peace n abundance