Monday, 28 June 2010

Invitation: Everyone Welcome.

I support several charities and each year donate a painting to raise funds for the Macmillan Cancer Support .There is a wonderful summer event that takes place in Hampshire which I will share details of in another blog entry.

This week before the event takes place McCarthy Holden  of Odiham in Hamsphire are kindly sponsoring a champagne reception at " The Frame" a new gallery which regularly exhibits a collection of my work.

I deliberately took time out to think about this years donation because I am so lucky in my life. I feel as though I am constantly walking surrounded by sunshine provided by the love of family,good friends and so many wonderful opportunities that keep coming my way. And I know I am very blessed. I never take a single day for granted because I am not aware of how many tomorrows will come my way.

 "Walking in Murano" is a painting full of sunshine and happiness. In the foreground a couple are enjoying time together, taking steps through a street in Murano, Venice. They may have been together for years and  share wonderful memories of their lives that have been rich in moments to treasure.

This painting means so much to me as it is in my first book  " How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour" which will be launched next week at the Mall Galleries in London.

I have many dreams coming true  all at once. I had always wanted to see Venice and I have. I have always wanted to write a book.And I now have. And I wish with all my heart the word Cancer would disappear from this world and be a distant memory in the past. Forgotten completely, never causing concern,emotional distress or loss of a loved one. I feel helpless and yet I can help in a small way thanks to Mcmillan Cancer Support.

You only have to look at their web site via this link to find out how you can help too.
This week you can help me.

This is a genuinely open invitation. If you would like to meet me, bid for " Walking in Murano" or win a painting of mine or show your support please come to "The Frame" in Odiham,Hampshire on 2nd July at 5.30p.m.. 

Meet Jan at her new gallery " The Frame", enjoy a glass ogf champagne, view the donated paintings and if you  buy any of my other work on view at the gallery I will add to the fund that night. There is an auction of a painting from my book that will also be on display at the Summer event, a wonderful raffle of a painting worth far more than the tickets so you could  easly win an original and help a worthy cause at the same time......

The main point of the event is that we are giving love,showing we care.

Please come if you can.

Everyone is welcome and we would like to make sure this is not only an evening to remember but one that is successful in raising funds. In Mcmillans own words...............

"We couldn't provide our vital services without the people who support us............. Whatever you do, you'll make a real difference to people living with cancer"

Please be someone who makes a difference.



Lindsey said...

a fabulous organisation to support, they have helped the lives and deaths of many people I work with. I hope the event is a huge success - you are a generous and thoughtful soul


...hope it's a huge success jean

AK said...

I would love to ..... wish you the very best.