Sunday, 3 April 2011

Celebrate Spring Exhibition,Frame Gallery, Odiham,UK

Celebrate Spring Exhibition 2011

"Hare Today,Gone Tomorrow"
Lucky Hare for my Spring Exhibition at The Frame,Odiham.

It has been another incredible week art wise. I have been organising a charity event with art auction lots and one came through at the beginning of the week that really took my breath away. I will share more news on this in another blog entry but Tom Jones fans may  be very  interested!

I have recieved many emails asking for art demonstrations and have been contacted by numerous galleries for a number of exhibitions and requests to show my work.

I have been quiet online due to sad news regarding one of my pets but at the same time behind the scenes I have been working  diligently on two exhibitions that open this month..

The first is " Celebrate Spring" at THE FRAME Gallery in Odiham Hampshire.Yesterday I visited the gallery to go through the catalogue and make any final arrangements for the show. In my spring exhibitions there is always one lucky hare. I have no idea how this started but it has now become a tradition. And they are always my favourite watercolour.

" Hare Today,Gone Tomorrow" is the lucky hare for the show that opens this week.He is  in the most gorgeous of  characters set in an incredible oak hand made frame. He would look perfect in my cottage. The pose is typical of a hare as he looks as though he's about to dart off in the opposite direction than expected at any minute.And the eye is fascinating in that it seems to give the creature a personality. You could read any one of a million things he is about to say or has just said and the painting most of all makes me smile.

While I painted the piece there was that lovely feeling of magic that happens with artists some times. I've been asked to make a print of him but he really is so lovely being just one as he is.

In my heart I am almost hoping this Hare of today actually won't be gone tomorrow!


Lindsey said...

beautiful hare! - harbingers of spring madness - I've been enjoying making ceramic hares - moon gazing of course

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Aren't hares magical to work with, I adore the creatures, how great to be abel to work in ceramics, I would love to!