Sunday, 10 April 2011

Spring Fever 2011

Hints of Spring

 Primroses Emerging from a soft wash of spring colours

The weather this weekend has been glorious. Flowers are now covering our garden with splashes of stunning Spring colours.Tulips line pathways and primroses form  small clusters of pale yellow around the woodland sections. Purple violets are showing their dainty heads and golden celandines are vibrantly shouting loud colour against the softer blues of grape hyacinth.

 The sense of new life surrounds me which ever way I turn from millions of baby fish and tadpoles in our two ponds to the tiny ducklings nesting  on banks near the waters edge of our lawn. It is bliss to wake to sunshine and know looking out of a window will give me instant inspiration to pick up my brushes.

With an enthusiastic young dog by my side constantly eager for a new walk I know I will be seeing even more to motivate my compositions.

There has never been a better time to be an artist!
Artists tip for the day: Get out and really open your eyes to beauty  around you. Find inspiration in the spring light and use it to make  all your paintings sing with fresh exciting colour combinations.
Don't waste the day as you only have this one once! 


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