Friday, 22 April 2011

Watercolours With Life Exhibition 2011 Wey Gallery

Private Preview

Private Preview at the Wey Gallery
All paintings on the left wall are sold.

Time as always if flying by and I have hardly had a minute to add news to my blog. Last Sunday saw the Private Preview of my "Watercolours With Life" Exhibition at the Wey Gallery in Godalming. No one ever really knows how a preview is going to be until the moment arrives when the doors open. You may think you can guess how many people will be there and you can also try and guess which will be the first painting to sell. This was a memorable and wonderful occasion.

This is the first time I have held a solo at the Wey Gallery in Godalming. I had been invited to exhibit there during a conversation with the owners last year and agreed to a Spring event This allowed me time to prepare the collection as well as cover my other projects. I wanted to  showcase a wide variety of subjects. I am now becoming well known for cockerels and my collectible horse racing scenes. Paintings of sheep have also been very popular.  The delivery in advance before the show and the promotion was all perfectly in place when last Sunday finally arrived.

As I walked through the door my initial reaction was one of delight as my paintings had been hung perfectly. Spaced out beautifully so that they could be enjoyed indiviudally. As guests arrived it was obvious everyone had come to view the art. On a gorgeous sunny day the room felt full of colour and energy. The mood was cheerful and light.

Greeting guests during the show.

Red dots immediately were placed on favourite paintings that were sold. Due to the distance some guests had travelled  a few paintings were taken on the preview which is unusual but it seemed to add to the day. Watching one huge painting be taken from the wall created smiles all around and a reason to add a red dot quickly if you wanted a particular piece. Several paintings created so much interest had they been in triplicate they could have sold three times over.I don't sell prints as I prefer all work to be uniquely original.

Charles Bone RI and Victor Ambrus RI at the Private Preview.

Beautiful life sized sheep sculpture were in the  gallery and looked amazing. To me they are still very tempting as I can just imagine them in our garden and they would be so easy to  look after. They added to the collection of incredible art  for sale during the exhibition.

The Wey Gallery is in the heart of Godalming which is a really pretty town to visit with  fabulous countryside nearby. The show runs until  2nd May 2011 and my collection can be viewed  via this link.

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