Monday, 18 April 2011

Glorious Morning

Glorious Morning
Proud Gent
Original Watercolour from my "Watercolours With Life" Solo Exhibition at the
Wey Gallery.Godalming.

Waking to sunshine streaming through your window is a joyous sensation. On days like these in my mind I can already see vibrant colours arranged on my palette and I am eager to race to my studio to paint. I will take the warmth of the sun and aim to capture it in each of my pieces.  This is exactly what happened when I painted "Proud Gent" the  above watercolour of a gorgeous cockerel. I had been to a local farm and watched this incredible beauty proudly strutting his stuff  in brilliant sunshine.Where the sun rays hit his golden feathers he seemed to appear absolutely  radiant in colours which could be a challenge to keep that feeling of positive energy within him. His beady eye watched me as I took his photograph so I kept this wonderful moment in the finished peice. He made me smile,the painting still makes me smile and I am delighted to have it as part of my watercolour collection at the Wey Gallery  for my "Watercolours With Life" solo exhibition.

I'm going to enjoy the sunshine today,walk my wonderful Bearded Collie Bailey and then paint with  brilliantly hot colours. A perfect day!

"Proud Gent" waiting to be delivered to the Wey Gallery.


All the paintings from my solo exhibition at the Wey Gallery can be viewed or purchased via this link.


devotedmomof7 said...

He is definitely giving you the eye! What a dynamic painting of the bird. Just stared a your painting of Kylie the other day and was amazed at your ability to edit and portray so beautifully!
I'm so pleased at all the accolades coming your way.

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Its so wonderful to see you Cheryl:) Devoted Mum of Seven is such a lovely name to see on such a great day!

Thank you so much, my passion for watercolour has grwon even more overthe years. I just cannot top seeing endless new subjects to paint in a so many ways. Right now with all the spring flowers I am tempted to stay in the garden most of my time capturing each new bloom before it fades.

I am thrilled to hear you are enjoying Kylie still. I am desperate to work on some new portraits so when time allows that will be my next venture in my studio!

Have a wonderful Summer and God Bless you


Brotesdeternura said...

Para un día perfecto... una pintura PERFECTA! Felicitaciones y gracias por compartirla.