Friday, 15 April 2011

"Missing Ewe"

"Missing Ewe"

Yesterday I arranged delivery of my watercolour collection for the Wey Gallery in Godalming then later visited the gallery to oversee the body of work to discuss the final catalogue of paintings for sale.  I also arranged delivery for work to go to London by courier. After so long painting and the collections together it felt strange to see the huge gap in my studio where all my work had been waiting to leave for the exhibitions. I have another four paintings to be delivered to another gallery next week and from here will be working on a large charity painting for a very special charity event which I have been working on behind the scenes.And of course I am continually working on the exciting collection of large paintings for my book.

I held individual workshops this week covering how to paint cats and held a lovely day on how to paint spring flowers. Before that I had a one day session for my Watercolours With Life workshop earlier this week. It is amazing how far people will come to visit my sessions as one lady had travelled all the way from Canada. 

Sherry if you are reading this it was absolutely wonderful to meet you !

This morning I am leaving  to give a demonstration and workshop to Alton Art Society which has been booked for quite some time now.

Tomorrow I will be at the Preview of my " Watercolours With Life" exhibition in Godalming and everyone is welcome to join me.

But I am missing my studio and my brushes.And my garden where I sit and paint. But very long dog walks when I start and end each day keep my mind very fresh on what I wish to work on next.

It has been a very incredible week and at times like this my blog and facebook page will fall quiet. Sometimes I regret not having the moments to reply to  lovely messages that come my way. I wish I had more free time to communicate online. But there once was a time I actually was online far too much.

The computer now has a smaller place in my life. But having talked to some wonderful friends this week I can sit back and understand how it can also become a very addictive way of living.

So  my artists tip for today is, if you are spending more time typing than moving your brushes try to reverse the situation.

Your art and art life could become far richer. 

There is a healthy balance in how we use our time. Make every second a good one in your life, one that you can look back on and think,wow I loved that! Let's face it,you will never have the chance to relive the minutes you lost or wasted daily. So each morning set a goal and go for it. No matter what that goal may be.


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Roy Simmons said...

Good advice Jean! It is a problem to juggle, socialising with other Artists and potential customers and actually producing the work!