Thursday, 14 April 2011

Spring Flowers 2011

 Whispers Of Spring

 Original Watercolour

This week saw me as always visiting a florist before my annual Spring Flower Watercolour Workshop.Its  atime of year when we have to be really quick as artist to capture the fresh beauty of spring and all it has to offer in the way of beautiful new life in flora and fauna.

My annual spring flowerswatercolour workshop this week saw many daffodils being painted and I was completely impressed with so many stunning clean watercolours appearing during the session.

The introduction to the day was aimed at  the description of what we were all aiming to achieve which was unusual watercolours that were far more than simply a painting. We were all aiming at capturing a sense of life and movement in our results. All of which were unique to the individuals in the room regardless of everyone following the same demonstrations that I gave throughout the day.
For me  workshops are not about showing how talented the demonstrating artist is. They are more  importantly about bringing the very best out of everyone attending. I aim to ensure everyone has a fabulous time, leaving with many ideas to take home along with inspirational motivation to keep brushes moving and enthusiasm high.

It was a full, fun day packed with many tips and ideas into exploration of techniques. I genuinely was over the moon with so many wonderful results and Sue, if you are reading my blog  I have shared the photograph I took of your  brilliant daffodils study. There is so much energy in your brushstrokes and the life in this is  absolutely superb.

Daffodils painted by Sue Bradley in my workshop against one of my own demonstration pieces.

I honestly cannot wait for   next week when I can sit quitely inmy garden and paint all the flowers that are calling my brushes.Bluebells are just beginning to appear so I guess I may be moving from yellow blooms soon as primroses and daffodils have been taking over my studo recently


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