Saturday, 19 March 2011

Amazing Ways With Watercolour DVD on You Tube!

"Amazing Ways With Watercolour"

 I am still abolsutely overwhelmed by the popularity of my new DVD "Amazing Ways With Watercolour".
Stunned is probably a more appropriate word! Orders are still coming in from all over the world. It really is amazing.

When Town House Films contacted me last year and first invited me to create a film I looked at their list of artists immediately recognising names I admire such as Shirley Trevena and Charles Reid. I questioned my standing and ability  against these incredible role models in the art world. But I knew in my heart I desperately wanted to share my passion for watercolour and encourage everyone who  is curious or already loves the medium to try my style. I work in a very relaxed manner making the most of the pigments as they flow with water. Subjects often seem to magically appear and there is truly something incredible going on while the creation process takes place. Not just on paper because this way of working really does seem to effect ones way of life also.

This week has been astounding as news of  orders from all over the world continued to come in. I am taken aback,thrilled and in many ways lost for words. Thank heavens I was not speechless on the DVD as I truly am aiming to take the fear out of working in waterolour and instead redirect the focus to the fantastic results one can gain from working with what must be the worlds most beautiful medium.

If you would like to see a preview of my DVD there is now a trailer on you tube. Here is the link and I hope you like it. By covering a variety of subjects and different ways to approach painting I hope this shows the versatility of my style.Nothing is out of bounds as a subject and you don't need a pencil!


" Amazing Ways With Watercolour" can be purcahsed from Town House Films who will send the DVD anywhere in the world .

" How To Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour" my first book gives step by step demonstrations along with tips on how I work  from  choosing a subject, the materials I use and my technqiues which is a great  way to absorb working in a loose style along with the DVD.

Available from, Search Press,  SAA Society for All Artists

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