Sunday 13 March 2011

Spring Fever 2011: Daffodils in Watercolour

 Daffodil coming to life in pure watercolour

It hits me every year. Spring Fever! I find my enthusiasm for colour and light reaches an all time high when I am surrounded by beautiful flowers all bursting to life lining banks beside rivers and filling gardens. It is absolutely magical watching heads of daffodils swaying in the breeze. At this time of year the sense of movement I so yearn for in my work is even greater. I want a feeling of life in every single brush stroke.

Yesterday I noticed one flower in my garden had been  knocked over either by my over enthusaistic pup Bailey or thewind. Either way I tenderly carried it into my studio, placed the single flower in water and studied its form. I didn't race to paint it. I thought long and hard about the colours I would use and what I wanted from my finished pieces.

I started painting a solitary flower and enjoyed working on the gorgeous centre.

Daffodil Centre

As always this single flower and study led me to further compositions. When you are in love with a subject painting it  becomes far easier and much more enjoyable. I only ever  paint daffodils in Spring time as I prefer to paint them from life. These new paintings will be in two spring exhibitions I have coming up and then it will be a year before any of my daffodil paintings are available again. 

Unless I can actually see them in reality I cannot gain the life I want in my finished work. It is necessary for me to form an emotional attachment with every single subject I aim to capture in my beloved medium.

 A beautiful group of daffodils begins to emerge  for a painting which will be in my next exhibition.

 One simple flower has led me to a million ideas for further exciting compositions. One moment in time led me to a session in my studio that has been so rewarding, rejuventaing my artists soul and guiding me into new areas to explore in vibrant colour combinations. Along with new technique ideas for my second book which will be published next year.

Waiting for exciting brushstrokes,this painting of daffodils will soon spring to life.

I cannot wait to pick up my brushes this morning which is how I want to feel every day. This is the reason why I am sharing my style and techniques in my book and DVDs. Hopefully so that everyone  who wishes to paint feels continually inspired and excited about working in watercolour. As I do!



"Amazing Ways With Watercolour" my new DVD is available from Town House Films and will be launched on March 18th. Orders are being taken now from all over the world with free delivery. Please place your order early to ensure a copy via this link as the demand has been incredibly high and unexpected.

" How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour" my first book is available from,SAA,Society for All Artists, Ken Bromley and Search Press


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Diana said...

I love the beauty of your work, the freedom and true essence of watercolor. gorgeous, Diana