Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Creating Excitement

Creating Excitement

An exciting first stage of a primrose painting.
Vibrant colours seem to make the new season literally spring to life.

I couldn't sleep as thoughts of vibrant colours whirled around my head this morning. I just had to race to place them on a number of washes for a variety of  subjects.

For the last few months I have been working on my second book and storing  studies and exercises away that I feel will be easy to follow. I have many that are a little out of the ordinary for  lovers of watercolour to be tempted by. Often I hear artists tell me they have lost their muse or are simply tired of painting the same subjects in  the same style. My goal in this new book is to encourage everyone to jump right out of their comfort zones and try new techniques  that are bursting with colour,seemingly almost jumping off the paper  because they are so full of life and energy.

I am having such a fabulous time experimenting that I am dreading actually parting with these pieces eventually!

 I look back to  even last year and see how much my style has evolved. It continues to move forward as I grow in my art career. I am loving every second but it is only worthwhile because I can share my passion for watercolour regularly.

I don't think I have ever felt happier in my life and maybe that is what is showing in my recent results. Joy of life and love for friends and family.

I am one very lucky lady!

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Bibje said...

this is soooo beautifull even though its not finished. Realy inspiring, those colours!!!