Friday 4 March 2011

Faithful Friend

Faithful Friend

 There are only so many flowers I can paint in one  week! I know its' spring and I know there are some gorgeous subjects bursting into life in my garden but if I stayed with the same subject no matter what kind of flower it was I  am sure my work would suffer. And so  my heart has pulled me in the direction of a lovely dog that has been visiting my cottage this year.

 "Faithful Friend" 
Coming to life in Watercolour,amazingly without any form of sketch beforehand.

This faithful friend turned up with an amazing man who has made every door in  beautiful oak for our home.The dog patiently sits in the van waiting for his master to finish working. Every now and then the two companions  are briefly reunited over a coffee or break and the faithful friend immediately bounces into gleeful action. When the master returns to work the look on this intelligent dogs face is priceless.

And that is what I am painting here. 
Not the dog.  
The emotion and story behind the piece. I have a story to tell in only so many words. 
My brushstrokes are my speech.

If you look at the following first stage and can imagine you already see a dog then my start is a good one. My painting is begging me to continue working, just like the real dog was yearning for his masters company.

I have a strong connection with this that will make the outcome very magical. And this makes my subject so enjoyable to  paint.

The first colour placement with no preliminary sketch.
A very exciting way to work as subjects lietrally burst into life during the process of creation.


It is always mesmerising watching subjects jump to life without a hint of  a sketch  to guide the artist. Two collections of my watercolours will be  in exhibitions in April 2011

"The Frame", Odiham, Hampshire  from April 7th,2011
"The Wey Gallery",Godalming, Surrey from April 23rd, 2011

Everyone is welcome to the private previews where I look forward to meeting you. For further information please contact the galleries directly

The Frame Gallery,Odiham, Hampshire RG29 1LB
Tel: 01256 701082

The Wey Gallery,Godalming,Surrey  GU7 1HL
Tel: 01483 418013

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