Tuesday, 15 March 2011

"Purrfect Cat" Watercolour Workshop 14 April 2011

Workshop Places
Two places are available on my How to Paint Cats in a Loose Style Workshop this Spring

Early stages of a Cat Painting, not mine
My Grand daughters.

I recently had a very special art student staying with me  for a week to learn the behind the scene  life of a professional artist for a work experience connected with a school project. Cassie is my grand daughter and a very talented young artist. Over the course of the week apart from working on my schedule which involves writing, exhibiting and teaching there was free time to paint.

I was working on some paintings of cats and showed Cassie how to build up a painting and study the subject closely in the process of movement with a brush. You can see the result in the above painting. There is no preliminary sketch but a lot of vibrance in the  cat that is beginning to come to life.

This beautiful  start of a painting of a cat came about purely becuase Cassie is an open book.She absorbs all information readily and enthusiastically recreates it on paper in her own way.

Maybe artists who are older have pre concieved ideas of how their results will turn out. Often assuming everything will be a "disaster". But letting go of these negative thoughts and having fun while working makes such a huge difference. 

I have a watercolour workshop coming up in April that now has two places available due to unforeseen circumstances of cancellations. If anyone would like to cease this opportunity and come to a one day session painting a number of beautiful cats please contact me on


It promises to be a day to remember!

The workshop takes place in Hampshire,UK next to an inn with accomodation available. Please contact me early if you are interested.

 Cat about to wash
First stages of a painting in watercolour
As always minus the use of a preliminary sketch.

"I believe everyone can paint, the only thing stopping an artist from being amazing is the artist themselves.Jean Haines

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