Monday, 14 March 2011

The Colour Of Life

Pure Pigment "Singing"  Together to Create a Great Song
 Watercolour creating amazing effects naturally

The week ahead is another full one as I prepare for two  exhibitions in April and apart from working on my second book I have been invited to write a feature for an established and  favourite art magazine.

 My studio time is often eaten away by other aspects  from life as an artist. I will be  working with galleries for the promotion of two events, preparing for a charity event that will be held in London a week today where I will be signing books and donating a painting for auction. Today I have a meeting regarding a Spring collection and my heart simply yearns to paint and paint only!

I am loving  capturing spring colours so at the moment everywhere I go I feast my eyes on a variety of  vibrant subjects which in turn I aim to paint in more interesting than ordinary ways. If I haven't a brush in my hand at least I can take more time  to look and observe all around me

Not a minute is wasted as every where I look I always see new paintings.

The colour of life can be rich if we turn every aspect of our daily routine into something positive and look at every minute as a glorious opportunity to  discover something new.

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