Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Painting For a Reason

Yesterdays Book Signing in London
Raising Funds for Special Children

 Looking tired after a full weekend.

Yesterday I  attended a charity function in London to raise funds for special children in need.The day was wonderful held at a fabulous venue. The Royal Garden Hotel  in Kensington.

There were several celebrities in the ballroom including stars from stage and television. I sat with  the President of the SWA Barbara Penketh Simpshon along with fellow guests Christine and Neil Hamilton. Christine was the guest speaker and was signing copies of her own book  along side mine in the foyer of the hotel. Joan Morecombe, wife of the wonderful late Eric Morecombe was also on our table.

Before the auction of the event took place guests watched a film of all the children who have been helped previously. However what really touched my heart most of all was a short talk by the head mistress of a centre for  youngsters who are dependant on the centre. She shared a short film showing the poor state the school was in. Plaster was falling off the walls in places, there was a neglected garden that they hope to turn into a sensory area which can be used to benefit all in their care. Sensory equipment can bring so much joy to faces of youngsters like this. The centre desperately needs help. The school didn't even own a mini bus for helping to  bring the chlidren to and from the centre.

When the lot of my painting came up for auction I was pleased when it sold to the winning bid for such a worthy cause.

When many of us have so much  in our lives giving in any way possible can do so much to help. Offers of donations come flooding in for auction prizes but it is the donation of actual money that can really have the most effect. I found my own arm going into the air for one of the prizes purely because I wanted to make sure this school and all the children in it have all they need for their lives to be happier and complete.

I looked around the room and thought of my friends who love shopping.  Giving up that new pair of shoes or dress which you don't really need, or donating the money from a night out and staying in to watch TV just once instead, looking at any way to help others by making one small sacrifice in our lives could make such a dramatic difference in others lives.

I have another event where I will be donating a painting in July but this will be rather a special piece painted from the heart to raise as much as possible because I desperately want a mini bus at that school. And I want sensory equipment there. 

But in the meantime I am going to do all I can to help raise funds for children who ask nothing more in this life than to be loved. And we all have the power to make that happen.

A friend has been staying for the weekend as they wished to visit a close friend  with Cancer. She lost her battle in the early  hours of this morning. We all knew each other years ago and she is far too young to have left this world  so soon.  In my life there are times when I quietly reflect how  lucky we are ,how we should never take a single day for granted, how every single thing we see from the smallest of  flowers to the most magnificent of buildings.Nothing is a given and no tomorrow is guaranteed.  I believe by one persons actions anothers life can be changed. From a smile, kind word or simply by being there. Whatever you are doing today I hope at some moment in it you effect some one elses life.With a smile, kind word or by being there when needed. And if you are the one that needs all three I hope reading this will let you know  someone on the other side of this screen really cares about you.

For anyone wishing to help Cancer Research please see this link.


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