Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Record Breaking DVD " Amazing Ways With Watercolour"

I am absolutely thrilled! After a full day preparing for two exhibitions I returned home from a meeting to  even more wonderful news regarding my new DVD "Amazing Ways With Watercolour". You can read why I am so happy from this link to Town House Films blog.

Quote "We can scarcely keep up with the torrent of Jean Haines fans from around the world who are racing to place their pre-orders for her new DVD which is released this week. Orders prior to release have broken all our sales records!"

Apparently there are orders coming in from all over the world!
From USA, France, Australia, Austria, Denmark, Japan, Belgium and the Phillipines to name just a few countries.

It is incredible and such exciting news.

I am over the moon, really excited and a little lost for words! All I have ever wanted to do is share my passion for watercolour so that everyone can love it as much as I do. It looks  as though my dream of doing just that  is really coming true!

Thank you to everyone who is buying a copy!


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