Monday, 7 March 2011

"Amazing Ways With Watercolour" DVD Trailer

 Filming " Amazing Ways With Watercolour" with Town House Films in Norwich.

Exciting News!

A trailer of my new DVD " Amazing Ways With Watercolour" is now online and you can be one of the first to view it via this link.

This is where as an artist I feel very nervous! It was so exciting creating the  film but now is the time to sit back and see if  it is enjoyed. The aim of the film really is to inspire and motivate rather than give a definite step by step demonstration as found in so many existing products.These to me are often wonderful but can lead to a million paintings of exactly the same thing world wide which is what I strive so hard to work against and avoid in my workshops. I adore results that are original and stand out from the rest for whatever reason.

With so many glorious colours available it's now quite easy to simply have a ball creating. However having  an understanding of watercolour as a medium, discovering what it can do while consistently exploring new approaches in technique are keys to unlocking the doors to achieving great results. I am trying to make unlocking these doors seem even more exciting in a fresh  approach. Losing the preliminary sketch and  making first brush marks truly count is vital to a pleasing outcome.

I truly believe there is a time for trying something new in ways of working with a favourite medium which is why I am sharing  mine in this film. I also genuinely believe there is an artist within us all.

Finding  a unique style is a journey that should be relished rather than feared. 

I hope my passion for watercolour comes across in this DVD. For now I will be sitting anxiously waiting for the first comments I recieve when it is viewed !

" Amazing Ways With Watercolour" is available  from Town House Films and can be pre ordered worldwide.


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Nancy Wallace said...

Just watched the trailer of your DVD - looks good. I find demonstrations (or recorded demonstrations) much easier to learn from than books. In the trailer you are working on a sloping surface - do you always work like that, or do you work on a horizontal plane sometimes?