Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Racing Against Time

 Invitation for The Wey Gallery
"Watercolours With Life" Exhibition
Which opens in April 2011

I can't believe how much is happening at the moment and definitely feel as though I am constantly racing from one project to the next. I have two exhibitions in April, "Painting Escapes" my two day retreats begin with the first Spring event taking place at Four Seasons Hotel in April. I also have two main art society demonstrations to give. Apart from that I am writing a feature for an art magazine and working on my second book. There is also another wonderful project in the pipelines that is under wraps at the moment but is very exciting and I am looking at my 2012 schedule which also needs confirming.

As an artist I desperately just want to paint in my studio and was really into a new watercolour yesterday when the phone rang from a contact that needed images for a feature and possible cover of a magazine. These interruptions occur on a regular basis.I have learned that life as a professional artist isn't about painting as much as being able to communicate at all levels with many different sources. At any time!

But today the sun is shining and I am going to paint because I have the most amazing first wash of a horse racing scene on my easel which is completely new in design, structure and colour combination. It is so exciting that even typing about it is getting my artistic heart beat racing. It is one of those paintings that gets right into your soul and you can't leave it alone for a second. If you are not working on it you find it is still there in your mind constantly begging you to continue with the next additions of colour. I feel about this piece like many masters must have felt about their famous work in the past. I can imagine Van Gogh or Monet desperately trying to portray in their paintings the emotions and feelings they carried in their heart and minds about the subjects they saw and conveyed.

It's definitely time to leave the computer and  get to the colour  and brushstrokes, I can't wait any longer!

It is going to be a fantastic day!


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