Thursday, 3 March 2011

Finding the Courage

Finding Courage and Sharing Too

Five minute wash from yesterdays  photographic shoot for my second book

A few artists attending my workshops have asked me how I  manage constantly driving to new locations for  so many projects. The truth behind this is that only a few years ago I really found going anywhere really difficult. In fact at that time even driving to a local supermarket nearby could cause me  to panic.  I had been dealing with an emotional trauma which left me feeling as though I couldn't face the world.

With love from my family and friends I came through but painting changed my life. Colour  took me to another place. An escape that I needed at that time. I have always painted since a child. My parents had split up and I spent hours literally creating happy images of things that were no  tin my life.

As I grew I travelled all over the world and met many artists.Colour  became a huge part of my way of living and philosopy. So how did I overcome the fear of driving long distances?

I wanted something so badly that I had to do it. I wanted to write my first book and everyone was asking me to do so.To keep everyone happy I did it. I drove to meet my wonderful publishers at Search Press.I wasn't worried so much about meeting them as actually getting there.  I knew that if I depended on any one else to drive me on this journey in future I would also be dependant totally on others. I knw I had to drive myself and make a change.Search Press were magical and  always will be.  Next I drove back to them for a photographic shoot, stayed in a hotel and enjoyed the meetings. I drove to the SAA for my first DVD and more recently to Town House Films to film a gorgeous new DVD which will be available at the end of March this year.

Last year I even flew to Norway to demonstrate and I have even given a talk at Warwick University in front of an audience of non artists! 

I believe we can all achieve whatever we want to achieve ,if we want it really hard enough. And I did want to write.

So if I can find my way around a fear of driving long distances I am certain everyone can find their way around the fear of working in watercolour or not having successful results. Let's make this year one of change and one that fill our hearts with happiness. That way we will affect everyone around us also!

If ever you have doubts, say two words.........

" I can"

It makes all the difference in the world. 
Trust me, I know!

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Judy said...

Thank you for sharing! I admire and enjoy your work so very much!
And just the right moment for me to hear "you can"! Thanks!
Good luck with your book and DVD!