Sunday 3 July 2011

All That Jazz

All That Jazz !

 "All That Jazz  " 
A work in progress on my easel

Last night we went out for a meal and listened to live music.  Having relaxed by painting gorgeous vibrant poppies in my garden yesterday afternoon my mood swung to the cool blues surrounding me that night. The atmosphere was buzzing. The evening was in full swing when we arrived and  for some reason this has flown into my brushwork and subject choice at the start of today.

I had expected to race eagerly into the garden this morning to paint the many flowers calling my brushes. But I couldn't resist this piece instead. Everyone who knows me  will understand I adore painting portraits. I have done for many years now and they are a favourite subject on workshops. However there will always be an emotional trigger from life that captures my imagination for special paintings. Those that seem to create a sense of mnagic when the face begins to appear  purely by subtle placement of colour instead of working with a preliminary sketch. Stubble on the chin, a neckline for the shirt  and detail of the collar on the jacket will start to pull this painting together. I love the effect of this stage.Leaving so much to the viewers imagination. I want to breath life into it so everyone can feel the sweat on the brow and the  light from the spotlight beaming onto the  stage. I want to pull you into this painting so you feel as though you were watching the singer perform in reality.

I am sat smiling as I am convinced  followers of my blog might have predicted hundreds of poppy paintings to follow yesterdays post. Someone once told me they love the fact that they never know exactly what I will be painting next, as I do paint absolutely anything and everything. So maybe if you are reading this post you would like to try to predict what will be the next subject I paint and share here. That could be fun!

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