Tuesday 26 July 2011

Sweet Sensation

Painting Perfume

Sweet Pea coming to life in  watercolour washes.

Something magical is happening. 

I can feel it. 

As I work on my next book my own watercolours are changing. Mainly because I  am constantly repeating the wonderful new techniques I wish to share in it. Yesterday I  completed what has to be my favourite chapter so far. My fingers flew across my keyboard as my enthsuaism reached a level which was an  incredible high. I literally bounced around my home last night with that fabulous glow which only comes from having a sense of sheer happiness.I thought I knew myself so well  by now but no, an inner " inner" artist is emerging and this one I am absolutely thrilled to know!

I can't wait to work on the next chapter knowing it will trigger excitement when it is read. This has to be the most uplifting of experiences of my life knowing I can give away all that I have learned about watercolour in the hope my new book will bring so much joy to other artists when they read it.


Thank you to everyone who is sending me emails with paintings of flowers for my July Challenge. 
I will keep my word and share my favourite painting on my blog this Friday.
I will also give positive  feedback on why it works for me!

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