Sunday 31 July 2011

Sunday Inspiration

Angels On My Shoulders

Demonstrating How to Paint Bell Flowers
During  my workshops in Norway 2010

When life is moving at such a fast pace,the  days when you can slow down and simply enjoy life are magical. Yesterday I had such a day. The sun was shining and I had time to sit in my garden painting flowers. I became transfixed with one in particular. Especially how the light was making some petals become transparent and others look more solid in appearance.

I eagerly sat on the warm grass with the sun shining on my shoulders to gradually bring the beauty of it to life.While I worked I absorbed every single detail of the flower. I looked at the centre which to me was its heart. Surrounding this gorgeous area were many  petals,some in light, some in shadow. Together they gave a wonderful vision. This was perfect for a chapter of  the book that I am currently working on. My brushes had to move quickly as the heat of the day was making my pigment dry. 

There is often a moment in every succesful painting when something magical happens.When you become one with the paper and subject as it begins to come to life. This not only happened yesterday but in a way that I have never felt before. I was entranced with the softness of the watercolour flower as it appeared. Part of me wanted to complete the piece quickly so as to see where the composition was going to end.The other part of me wanted to slow down to a snails pace and savour every single fabulous second of the magic happening in front of my eyes. When I finsihed I placed the finished painting on my easel in my studio so that it would be 
the first thing I saw this morning.

 It is a new day and with  fresh eyes I have looked at the painting I did in my garden yesterday

It was one of those momentst when I asked myself.

" Did I really paint that?"

It is probably one of the  most beautiful flower paintings I have ever achieved in my life and I know why.  I had read several emails yesterday morning from wonderful readers of my blog who had taken time to thank me for inspiring them, letting me know how much they enjoy my blog.When I read some  of the messages a familiar lump came into my throat as emotions took over. The kindness and warmth in every word stayed with me for my day and flowed into my brushstrokes as I worked for my second book. The knowledge that others like what I am doing makes me want to strive even harder to  share my techniques and discoveries in watercolour.

 My tip to day is, if it is a wonderful day take five minutes to sit outside and paint the one thing you see that you really find fascinating. It could be a stone, twig or flower. But take a few minutes to capture it in watercolour. And then smile for the rest of the day because you have painted and achieved something. Another step in your own art journey!

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