Saturday 23 July 2011

Working In Pastel

Working In Pastel
Sometimes it is wise to take a break. A holiday to refresh the creative spirit and renew excitement in your artistic soul. It isn't widely known that I used to work in pastel years ago especially with animals and portraits. The softness of this medium helps me to  draw on the feeling of  fur and I adore  working with skin tones. This feeling I then pull into my watercolours when I switch back to the medium that has now become my first love.
I have been writring  and painting  in watercolour constantly for my second book. As much as the ideas are flowing I felt I needed to escape for a little while so that coming back to my book was like returning home to where I wanted to be and in a fabulous frame of mind, keen to continue and refreshed from my break.

Buster beginning to appear in a pastel study.

 My " holiday" consisted of working on my cat Buster in pastel. Softly laying a base of colours as a foundation for further work.Friends who know me will understand this is an emotional piece because sadly Buster has been diagnosed with Cancer .There is no possible treatment but he is doing very well, looking great and is  really happy at the moment. So to have him as my model now is a wonderful way to enjoy my time with him.

Buster is a fluffy cat with a glorious ginger coat so I will work on this beginning to build up his expression, markings and sweet face.

I am certain an entry on my blog in pastel  came as a surprise to quite a few of my friends who follow me here!

Thank you for the wonderful flower paintings sent to me for the second Watercolour Challenge for July, I am thrilled to see them and over the moon this idea is being inspirational! I will be posting the favourite  next week here but will add to my facebook page as well!

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