Tuesday 5 July 2011

Seduction and Tetanus?

 Seduced by Watercolour

Simple Life Study in Watercolour

This morning while the world was still sleeping I crept quietly to my studio and started to work on my book. My fingers were moving furiously as my mind told them what to type. The words flowed as did the chapter I was absorbed in. I loved every second as my heart raced knowing this could be a wonderful inspiration for those who fear watercolour or feel their work is at a point of standing still.

I use spell check when I have completed each new section so started to read through the corrected text hoping it sounded as exciting as I had hoped. When proof reading I had quickly pressed the  spell check "change" button on several typing mistakes. It was very early in the morning and I was so eager to complete this  particular piece. However I was in for a surprise as I couldn't for the life of me remember typing the word "seduction". .reading further in the same paragrah I had to laugh out loud when another word came into view.


I had definitely NOT typed that word and it didn't relate to any of the flow in my text. By now I was in fits  of laughter.

Seduction and Tetanus?  In a book about watercolour?

I read the problem  paragraph yet again and translated the typos to " selection" and "technique"! Heaven knows how my spell check worked this morning  from my over enthusaistic typing. I had to laugh at how the text read with the errors.

I do believe the word "seduction" as a term really does have a place in my new book. I want to seduce by colour and medium. I also want to be seduced by new technique. I can easily see this is a fantastic word to describe how I want everyone who reads my next book to feel if they fall in love with it.

But I just cannot for the life of me find a way to use the word "Tetanus" so that typo can be swiftly erased and corrected!

Jeans' exciting new book on watercolour will be launched in Spring 2012.

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