Wednesday 13 July 2011

Still Life Inspiration : July Challenge 2011

Still Life Inspiration

Flowers from my garden

I am receiving so many emails  letting me know I am missed on my blog and I really am so touched by such fantastic comments on how much my blog is enjoyed. I have no workshops coming up as I am working hard on my second book on watercolour at the moment.

Yesterday I picked a few flowers from my garden to make a posy to sit in my living room. As I looked at it throughout the day I imagined how I would paint the collection of  flowers, the pretty composiution and the  beautiful colours. I could see so much in this  arrangement that I knew I had a wonderful composition on my hands for a terrific painting.  While many artists would keep the idea for themselves  I thought I would throw the challenge your way as well and see if this  inspires you to move your brushes.

If it does please email me your finished painting as I would love to see it.

What do I think of when I look at this? I see light first of all, I see delicate petals. I see a sense of movement because I know each flower head would move in the breeze if it was  in the garden still. I fel an urge to rtace for my favourite  shade of Opera Rose!

What to do you see?
If you are lost at what to paint today have a go at my still life challenge.

I dare you!


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Life of Brian said...

Think I might try this Jean, A couple of members from the Painting Loft met you at the Mall Galleries and were passing on your tips to the site.