Friday 8 July 2011

Mall Galleries SWA Demonstration 2011: Standing Room Only!

Standing Room Only!
Mall Galleries Demonstration in London Yesterday.

Eager crowds  visit the Mall Galleries in London to watch Jeans Watercolour Demonstration during the SWA Society for Women Artists 150th Annual Exhibition 2011.

Yesterday was incredible. I looked out of my window in the morning to see heavy rain and wondered how on earth I would get to London and still look presentable  for my watercolour demonstrations at the Mall Galleries during the SWA 150th Annual Exhibition. Anyone with naturally curly hair will understand my predicament but I arrived at the Mall Galleries dry and in good time to set up for the day. Outside the gallery waiting was fabulous friend and artist who has been on several of my workshops Lynne Jenner. Lynne has the most amazing of smiles and gentlest of nature so seeing a friendly face to welcome me  started my day very well. The incredible Rosa Sepple, a very talented artist who, like me, is also on the SWA council greeted me and soon I was ready  to start my first session of the day.

Most people are slightly anxious or nervous before they demonstrate and I am no exception although I know this surprises  everyone. I always look as though I am having a ball and  to be honest I am. Once I start! I am in my element in front of  a room full of enthusiastic artists who love watercolour or find it as fascinating as I do. I knew several of my art friends would be there on the day but as I turned to face the audience I was thrilled to see so many faces watching eagerly and enjoying what was happening on my easel. I had not expected crowds to arrive or for there to be standing room only to watch. I also didn't expecet people to travel from so fra for the day just to see me in action. To everyone who came thank you so much and I hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did. I put in as much as I could because I wanted to give back for all the encouragement and support I am constantly given in  my art career. Friendships and bonds are possible when there is such a common passion in art. I never take a single one for granted.

What did I demonstrate or more to the point what didn't I demonstrate! I wanted to show how much fun my style is, how anyone can paint absolutely everything and how simplifying the approach to capturing any given subject can lead to exciting results. I started with washes moving to flowers, a portrait, cockerel, old man and a dog. It was a  very full day and a really inspirational one all around.

The  " must be included  " cockerel part of yesterdays demonstration.  I now find I can't leave a room until I paint one as they have become synonymous with my workshops and demos now!
Please note the amazing art in the background.These portraits are by very talented SWA artists in the main hall who are at the top of their field in capturing a true and accurate likeness.

I hope everyone who came is as eager as I am to pick up their brushes and I hope everyone has remembered what the " homework " was that  I set for fun occasionally throughout the demonstrations or challenges. 


To everyone who has invited me to  hold workshops,  demonstrations  or exhibit please email me on


Finally a very special thank you to friend Helen Hawa for taking such wonderful photographs during the day. Helen you are a true star and friend,thank you so much!

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