Tuesday 19 July 2011

Daily Inspiration : Poppy Mania

Poppy Mania.

Creating texture With cling film for an exciting field full of poppies.

I am reading  amazing messages from artists who are eager to see what is in my next book. Amongst them are some wonderfully touching messages from artists who are letting me know they love my blog,  who find it a daily inspiration and  look forward to seeing what I am going to post next.
There are also lovely comments of impatience from those who are finding the wait until next Spring far too long for my book to be launched. I really am so very grateful for every email because these messages encourage me to work in my studio on the days when I have possibly been locked in there for far too long!

I have reached a fanbulous stage where the book is flowing with a life of its own. I actually dream about new chapters and what I wish to include in them.  I also realise my blog has become quite quiet of late with more news on exhibitions of mine rather than inspirational ideas on things to paint. So I am going to try to share some fun ideas over the next few months and challenges to keep everyones brushes moving. ESpecially as this years wroskhops are all fully booked and have been for some time now.

Today I wandered to an area of our garden and enjoyed the poppies that are gently swaying in the breeze there.Their colourful heads defying the heavy rain from yesterday as new buds have opened. Displaying glorious red flowers that beg  my brush to capture them in vibrant colour. We have so many varieties of poppy in our garden now. Some are bright red,some almost orange and others a true violet shade. I think birds are responsible for dropping seeds everywhere because we haven't planted most of them!

If you are bored and at a loss on what to paint how about experimenting with cling film as I have here for a change and just paint for fun.Y ou may be amazed at how terrific your results will be of crinkly petals and glorious backgrounds and foregrounds.

Whatever you paint, enjoy it!


A huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to contact me. I haven't had time to catch up on all my messages yet having been in London so much with the SWA ,Society for Women Artists 150th Annual Exhibition but I will soon be back on track! 

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