Friday 29 July 2011

July Challenge: favourite Painting No:1

July Challenge 2011

I am really thrilled with the wonderful paintings forwarded to me for my July Challenge 2011 of painting white daisies. I wasn't expecting many artists to respond so  I was happily amazed  seeing  such fabulous inspirational pieces. Anyone  who knows me well will understand that, for me art isn't solely about what I paint or achieve. My life is about others and how they are inspired. I strongly believe we can only grow as artists if we  share our techniques and learn from  artists  of all levels.

It is so wonderful to share a watercolour on my blog that is not painted by me!

Favourite Challenge Painting No. 1.
This is a favourite painting that came to me  this week. Painted by Grace. I love this result so much because she has caught the texture of the raggedy petals so exquisitely. I love the main flower looking at the side of the page. The centre of this flower was a real nightmare to work with as the petals leaning over it  in the foreground set a challenge all of their own! I also love the smaller flower underneath just peeping  upwards to be noticed.

 White Daisies from my July Challenge
Painted by Grace

There ius a fabulous sense of colour harmony throughout the ocmposition by clever use of a limited palette. And there is also a very subtle  feeling of movement,as if the wind could blow these flowers and they would softly sway in the breeze.

I think it is wonderful.

How about you?


Thank you so much Grace for participating with my July challenge. I loved your  daisies as you can see!


Brotesdeternura said...

Thank you very much for your comment, it was a surprise to me and I could not stop cry from happiness. I am very excited and is a true honor to have my painting has elected am a faithful follower and admirer of your work. This weekend will be really special and unforgettable for me. Pardon my poor English. From Argentina. Grace

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Hello Grace, I am absolutely thrilled you are so happy to see your painting shared here. I really love the way you have caught the raggedy effect of the petals.Well done!

Tricia Ross said...

Jean it has been soooooooo wetand gloomy here in West Aussie today. So thanks to you I put a HUGE smile on my face.....& let the magic of the brushes start to sing.....Thanks