Sunday 24 July 2011

Life Is Not About Me.

Simply Playing With Colour

 Favourite Section of my Experiment with Colour

 It's incredible how one small idea can grow into something even more exciting. I set the July 2012 Challenge mainly because the flowers from my garden were just too beautiful to ignore. Now I can't take my mind off them and love thinking of ways to paint them so that they look a little more abstract.

The challenge paintings from followers of my blog that have already been sent to me by email are fantastic.And far better than mine! On that note the lovely artist who classes herself as a complete amateur  has caught them really beautifully and should be very proud of her result which led me to todays blog entry.

 I keep meeting people on workshops and at exhibitions who tell me they can't paint. And then I see their work and it's fantastic. I look back at  my own art journey and remember loving working with watercolour but feeling none of my efforts were worth framing. And then I hit that moment when I went completely nuts framing every single thing I created. This luckily was a very short phase in my art career! 

I quickly realised that not everything I painted was a masterpiece. Furthermore I know for sure I will never be as brilliant as the artists I admire. It doesn't matter who you are in this crazy art world there will always be someone who can paint far better than you.That is life.And if you weren't aware of that fact you would be a rather arrogant  personality! Yes,many professionals are very happy with where they are but guess what? Every single one was a beginner at some time in their lives.

We can't buy confidence. I wish we could. But we can instil it in others.
So my request is to not only look at your own work but that of others. Maybe you have friends who are artists who lack confidence. Just one positive piece of feedback from you could make the biggest of differences in another artists life. The strange thing is while you take time to encourage others something may just happen to your own art.You may just start believing that you are not as bad as you thought you were. Wouldn't that be amazing!

 I have a saying.

" Life isn't about me".

And it isn't!

Experimental Daisy Wash,
Centre  smaller petals still to be added!


Monday is my day for catching up on emails so please bear with me if you are waiting for a reply!


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