Sunday 24 July 2011

The Magic of Watercolour

A Magical Minute

Young Ballet Dancer in a first magical wash

It happens sometimes. That wonderful moment when your brush creates something that is so full of light and life that you simply cannot believe it. I went to close my studio after a working session and felt I needed to clean my palette as there was so much flesh tone left on it. I had been working on portraits. To unwind I felt like  throwing anything on paper aimed at the bin.

I picked up a scrap of old watercolour paper from a box I keep them in. I started with a "blob" for a head. My intention at this point was to work downwards adding a body and a leg.Nothing more. But years ago I painted a little girl in a ballet postion at the bar. It is so funny how memories can be triggered. At that time I painted many ballet dancers as they were my then favouriute subject.

The tutu appeared from my wash and then the legs as I moved downwards on the paper. I love the light on the arm.

. I am well on my way to a soft painting with atmosphere and a sense of life.
Maybe when this is finished it could be one for my book.
We will see!

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Carol Blackburn said...

How awesome is that, Jean. That's art! I'd love to see you complete this one.