Friday 29 July 2011

July Challenge 2011: Join In!

July Challenge 2011 Again
 Painting Sunshine!
 Working on a raggedy daisy in watercolour

I thought it might be fun to share a few tips to anyone who would now like to join in and try the July  Watercolour Challenge. I shan't be posting any more paintings on this subject as a new one  challenge is coming up. But you may like to share your results on your facebook or own blogs so that we can spread the word for future watercolour challenges here.

This is the subject.
Stage 1. Start by painting the centre with yummy yellow or orange. Remember to leave white spaces  on this side of the centre for the petals leaning over the middle of the flower .

Stage 2. Using water "bleed" colour away from the centre to the distant and outer edge petals. As your burhs gradully runs out of pigment your brushstrokes will get lighter. ( Thats a great tip ! ) Make points at the tips of some petals and leave other outer petal edges more rounded. Look at your reference photograph for the detail you need to make this really interesting. Don't paint just what you see. Paint what you feel should be there. Paint with a huge smile on your face and enjoy the fun of creating this gorgeous flower.
  A yummy  warm glowing centre of a daisy!

You can add a few darks to the outer edge iof the centre when this is dry if you wish later on.
Stage 2.  Add colour by working negatively around the outer edges of the far side petals. This is so easy!
Copy the shape of the petals of the flower that you can see in the photograph. Take your time and really let go. Inside you is a fabulous artist who may be trapped there because you won't let them out!

Adding outer petals to the  daisy by negative painting.

Now repeat the process for the second flower and see what happens.

Painting is so much fun and so therapeutic.This should leave you feeling happy, energised and eager to paint something else.What other white flowers can you lay your hands on?

Now....don't  just sit there reading my blog, go and paint!
And remember .........
Paint with a huge smile on your face and enjoy the fun of creating this gorgeous flower.


I am having so much fun writing the current chapters of my second book. I seriously want to share how happy I feel with the whole world hence this little exercise to warm you up.
I hope you are looking forward to my new book being published next year as much as I am,

Thank you for reading my blog.



Vandy said...

Thank you, Jean,
You've just given me a wonderful focus for my painting this weekend. I will definitely have a go at this one.

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

This looks beautiful... sounds like a fun challenge. Would you mind sharing what color you used for the petals?

Paula said...

I am simply spellbound since finding you Jean, the colours, the language, I want to paint everyday, everyday, everyday, I want to learn and get better, I cannot wait for my book to arrive so that I can learn to do those breath taking washes and see things emerging from my work. Yours in total admiration. Paula.