Monday 25 July 2011

Floral Inspiration

Floral Inspiration

Hollyhocks from my garden 
An artists inspiration.

I have no idea where to start in my studio this morning. I have three very exciting chapters of my new book that need completing and a ballerina on my easel from yesterdays watercolour session. Not to mention the very long number of emails that desperately need replying to.

But out of my window I can see tall gorgeous hollyhocks  hit by beautiful sunlight.Without even picking up my brush I can feel Cadmium Yellow and Cerulean Blue bringing them to life. Maybe just those two shades are all I would need. Artists who came on my  flower workshop earlier this year will know exactly how I would simplify and approach all the wonderful ruffles in these blossoms.And gain texture at the same time.

I must work on my book today that is a definite.
And I must reply to the email messages.
But oh dear those hollyhocks are calling out my name!


"Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today" 


Please feel free to paint from this photograph if it inspires you and if you have a successful result  please feel free to sell it. 

You have my permission on this one as it is just too gorgeous to ignore isn't it!

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