Monday 15 August 2016

A Bramble Ramble : Blackberries in Watercolour 2016

Blackberry Painting Coming to Life in Watercolour

What a glorious day! 
I started my painting session by creating three large washes. But these were deliberately aimed at being the foundation for new paintings of blackberries. I am walking my dog Bailey daily and seeing so many wonderful sights in the country lanes and fields near where I live and they are all far too good to not paint.

I carried a piece of bramble home with me to work from which was really useful. When painting from my imagination I tend to forget that some of the unripened berries are not black. They are smaller in form and in green and pinkish shades. Painting from life is far better than painting from any photograph no matter how good the image is.

So here are my two washes out of the three that were started today.

On the left you can see a much darker wash. This was created by two not one layers of abstract colour. On the right is a softer " one wash" wash!

Two washes with my blackberry branch  clipped to my easel for easy observation

Once I have created my first exciting wash I begin by adding blackberries where I feel they will look good in the composition

Stage 1.
The first wash aimed as a base for a blackberry painting.

 Stage  2.
Adding berries to my wash
Taking my time on each making sure they work in the composition.

 Stage 3.
Building up the foliage and adding twigs for balance

I am working on the second softer wash at the same time. This has a very different feel to it and is very peaceful to work on whilst the first painting is full of life and "energy giving" brushwork.
 Wash 2.

 On this piece I am adding the blackberries as if they are almost hiding behind the foliage.

I am also adding blackberry detail a little at a time to a third gorgeous wash I created previously. See below.

"Hidden Treasure"


I have recieved wonderful comments about my recent work letting me know how alive and different it is. It is different because I am different. I am not the same artist that I was before I wrote my latest book " Paint Yourself Calm".

I too needed to let go of things that were holding me back. I too had to allow myself to believe in my own ability. I too had to understand that inside of me is an artist I may be restricting by not allowing them the time to fully express themselves by simple exploration into colourful washes that energise me or bring me peace each day. This was or is the book that changed my life. And my art. I can't stop seeing things or wanting to paint in a way that I haven't felt before. I can pull on all the techniques in all my books, use them for detail and knowledge on wash techniques but the side of me coming out from my latest book " Paint Yourself Calm" is new to me and I am over the moon.

Whatever you are doing, do let the inner artist in you come out as often as possible. Believe in yourself. Give yourself permission to be good at painting and don't allow yourself to hold yourself back.

Have fun painting too!


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Unknown said...

Hi Jean, thank you for sharing! Your words are so inspiring (as always... :-) )