Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Hawthorn Berries in Watercolour : 2016

 Hawthorn berry demonstration from today's workshop in UK

I am teaching workshops all week in UK and each evening taking my lovely dog Bailey for a walk to unwind. On one walk, I came across a stunning sight of a tree laden with hawthorn berries in sunlight and as I had my camera with me took a few photographs. I also carried a sprig home which I took in to today's workshop.

I used the sprig of berries to create a colourful first wash, as seen below. In my mind I wanted sunshine so my background was changed to yellow rather than the blue of the sky that I had seen on the evening of my walk. I allowed the yellow to filter though my wash just as sunshine would through the branches of the real tree.

  Hawthorn berry first wash demonstration

If this first wash is full of life and energy I can add detail to complete the painting. As seen in the image at the top of this blog post. On my workshops I emphasise that washes are the best way to grow as an artist . Practise of these washes takes time but is so worthwhile.

  Hawthorn berry first wash demonstration. 
Close up of a section

Below is the photo I took and used as inspiration for my class today

Hawthorn berries
My own photograph 


Thats' all for now as I just wanted to share my teaching day with you.

Please go out as often as possible to find inspiration from nature. 
There really is no better art teacher!

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Siggi in Downeast Maine said...

Love what you are doing with the new style.
Have not seen Hawthorne Berries that I know of...
Tried the wash technique outside on YUPO...
have had interesting results.
Thank you for sharing and inspiration.