Thursday, 11 August 2016

Just Paint!

 Gorgeous new wash using Autumnal gold shades

" I don't have time "

 I hear these words so often on my workshops. Artists often tell me they don't have time to paint. I know how things can be. Life often gets in the way of us picking up our brushes or when we do we feel as though we have to race our precious free time to create. There can often always seem something far more important to do.And that is exactly why I created the three wash exercises in my teaching program. I too paint three washes daily making myself leap from shade selection to shade selection. It pushes me to use new colours and also improve my artist skills.

Above is my favourite wash created today using autumnal shades. I have no idea why I opted for them but they made me feel absolutely great! I love the positive flow and energy in the above wash. Painted to unwind and feel calm. Not as an idea for a future painting, just for fun and I do love it.

Below are the three washes I painted this morning on a variety of sizes of paper. All scraps headed for my bin. Just to open up my creative channel and get me in the mood for painting more serious work.

This mornings three washes.

You can see me demonstrate my daily painting routine and warm up exercises in my new "Watercolor Workout " DVD with Artist 
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There has never been a better time to  find inspiration from colour exercises so get painting today and make time to create. It makes you feel so much better when you have spent just a few minutes on your own watching colour flow.

And if you need more inspiration please enjoy my new book

" Paint Yourself Calm" in its' pages are lots of ideas on how to relax, unwind and feel calm via creating.


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Unknown said...

Love your work! I see you held several workshops in the US Southwest in 2016. Any chance you might be coming to the Southeast?!? The Carolinas maybe? I would love to attend one of your workshops!