Tuesday, 16 August 2016

On My Easel : Hummingbirds

"Taking Flight"
Two hummingbirds coming to life in watercolour 
(Strictly copyright: Jean Haines )

I loved painting the hummingbirdrecently so much that I dreamt of painting another large composition with more than one bird in it. Today I created a soft first wash to act as my background and began to mak emy dream come true by painting two hummingbirds in it. I am not sure yet if I will add more birds to this painting or leave just these two. I also have to decide what will be in the background as flowers, but this area could just be blurred as my focal point is going to be these two main birds.

I cannot describe the heavenly way I feel when I am painting these colourful little birds. I think they could be my new subject addiction! 

I like to leave something half finished on my easel each night so that when I walk into my painting room each day I am greeted by something magical that makes me want to eagerly start painting. This is perfect for that!

Roll on tomorrow.


Artist Tips:

1) Always leave your painting area ready for your next painting session.
2) Leave the paper you will be working on ready even if its' three pieces of paper you are going to put your daily warm up washes on.
3) Leave a tube of colour out that you haven't used for ages and think about picking it up the next day.
4) Give yourself a mental image when you finish painting of what you want to be painting the next day.

These tips make it more tempting for you to get painting minus any excuses! 


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