Sunday, 14 August 2016

Bigger is better! Sunflowers 2016

New sunflower first wash

Inspired by my last blog post I grabbed a large piece of paper and decided to create a first wash for another sunflower painting. I kept the freedom and spontaneity alive from my previous Sunday challenge quick study painting and enjoyed repeating it with the same colours. But this time I added hints of green foliage underneath the sunflower.

Painting on large paper really helps me loosen up. I also find it more fun to stand whilst working as I can then move and use my whole arm to create energetic brushwork. This leaves my washes full of life rather than them coming across as "wooden".

I am capturing sunlight in this piece by leaving a lot of the paper white. I have also deliberately not tamed the runs of water or pigment, as these could create folded or smaller petals within the main flower.

Working this way is so exciting. I would like three washes to work on later so I have one more to go. This is only my second and each should get better as I take what I like from each painting to put into teh next new one.  My next sunflower painting will be on a clean, new, large piece of paper as I love what has happened so far in my painting session today. 

Its' time to get more serious!


Artist Tips:

1) Work on large paper sometimes. Small pieces of paper can restrict your movement and flow as you have no space for colours to move across freely on small scraps.

2) Consider how you hold your brush and where. Hold it at the furthest end of the handle and move the whole brush  freely to gain great effects.

3) Let wash work dry completely before adding detail.

4) Take a lot of time looking at washes before you add your next brushwork . Take time to see where it is needed. 


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Nellpaints said...

Ok, you have convinced me....paint on a larger piece of paper! Having more than one painting to work on ....fantastic idea....that way I have another to work on while that is drying. Also, don't have to think...What should I paint? Love your paintings and oh so beautiful play of colors!! Thank you for all the tips and hints!!