Friday, 19 August 2016

Breaking Free 2016

 "Breaking Free"

I woke  early this morning. It was impossible to sleep. All I could see in my mind was colour. Mainly turquoise but that is because of all the humming birds I have been painting recently. I see humming birds in flight and their movement in my imagination effects my brushwork. It has become faster, more energetic and so very much more alive. Whats' more I am using colour very differently. Artists who have attended my workshops where I have demonstrated how I paint grapes on grapevines will understand my love of using neat pigment and making it transform into wonderful colour combinations.

Well here I am going a step further with that idea and it really is thrilling. This technique will only work if you are not afraid of  using strong bold colour combinations. But if you have been reading my book Paint Yourself Calm your build up of knowledge and experience will help guide you to this point of not being afraid or timid when painting. Just paint for the sheer joy in what you do and it can lead you to fantastic results like this.

When I apply the colour for my abstract work it is really with a very heavy application of product and I deliberately do not dilute it. It looks very dark when wet which can be quite frightening if you aren't used to working this way. And you often only get one shot at the wash as a full painting result because as it can become far too dark to work on top of further, to be used as a background.

The image below shows my wash whilst still wet. It is very dark.

 "Breaking Free" When wet.

The close ups of sections in this new abstract are really gorgeous but on screen I am not sure you will get the gorgeous full impact but here are two segments.

 Upper sections. Toothbrush splattering breaks up block areas of colour to add intrigue and interest.

"Rolling" over the foreground with any fabric at hand adds interesting texture effects.

I am on a roll. Someone told me I was on fire. I feel that way. Energised and so raring to go every day. I wake feeling happy, eager to work in colour. I go to sleep dreaming of what might happen tomorrow. And in the middle of all this activity I take time to sit and relax with my husband enjoying the day that is passing or has passed.

Life is good. It is really great today but tomorrow will be even more exciting.

How about you? 
How is your tomorrow going to be?  
More exciting ? 
Like me you have the chance to make it so.

A few tips. 

1) Try something new regularly whether it is colour or a new technique.
2) Try applying your pigment with something other than a brush! You should see my fingers right now!
3) Don't be afraid of colour

In fact, don't be afraid. So what ifyou make a mess? You just start again on another piece of paper but do explore! You won't know what you are capable of unless you try every possibility in art.

Happy painting


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