Monday, 22 August 2016

A Challenge : Landscape Washes 2016

"Autumn Haze"
Watercolour wash landscape

When I am teaching my workshops I know followers of my blog posts miss me. My blog falls quiet while I am offline. And I recieve many email messages asking where  I am and when I will be back online, which is lovely as it is nice to be missed.

But I thought it might be fun to set a challenge for followers of my blog and readers of my books while I am away from my computer.

How about painting a few daily wash exercises from  my latest book " Paint Yourself Calm".

Paint three each day just for fun with no subjects intended by them.

But then paint a few landscape washes this week. Paint seasonal ones. Try a cool winter landscape with cool blues and violets. Next paint a glowing autumn landscape with trees of gold. Summer could be the fabulous sunflower fields under bright blue skies and vibrant greens would be perfect of course for Spring.
Use your imagination with techniques like using salt patterns as seen in my Autumn landscape above.

Have fun. And by Friday of this week see how many landscapes you painted that worked well.

Use these tips.

1) Choose colour that is perfect for each season
2) Use salt or clingfilm for texture effects
3) Keep it simple! 
4) Try to avoid too much detail that detracts from the beauty of your wash.
 5) Stop when you see something beautiful

Most importantly.


Let me know how you get on. 
 I'd love to see your best landscapes so you can link to your work in a reply to this blog post.

Happy painting and good luck!


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