Monday 8 August 2016

Finding Your Flow : Painting Loose

Roses coming to life in watercolour
Initially painted in blue shades only but now green and yellow shades have been added. 

I have had a wonderful weekend with guests at our cottage each day. It has been so busy as I have been cooking non stop since Friday but now I am back in my studio and raring to go with colour. I must admit I meet people on my workshops who go with really long periods at a time without picking up a brush at all. And the longer they leave picking up that brush the harder it is for them to get back into the flow of painting regularly. Which is exactly why I recommend painting my colour exercises as described in my book "World of Watercolour", although the exrcises in my latest book " Paint YourSelf Calm" really are very effective also. Right now after a full weekend it is hard to settle to serious painting for exhibitions. So I have unwinded with fabulous new colour combinations on my warm up exercises this morning.

I also had a fsacinating large blue rose painting that I started last week out of curiosity. Today I began to build up the painting with more definition to the flowers, detail in foliage and stems and contrasting dramatic brushwork to make the painting " sing". I added a few touches of yellow and green too and I love what is happening to the piece. It now feels far more exciting. I will work futher on the two roses that are outshone by the main one. And I am so looking forward to doing so.

Having something like a favourite unfinished painting to get you back into the swing of  picking up your brushes is a great idea. And right now thats what I want to do. Paint because looking at this unfinished piece is making me want to pick my brushes up and you should always listen to your inner artist.

If your " inner artist" isn't talking to you try giving it a little encouragement with a few interesting colour washes . Then get hooked on painting subjects in them. 

Like me!

Have a great day!



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isabella kramer - veredit said...

This is so true and I try to paint every day, sometimes only one or two color washes and I love the surprising results of this exercises very much.

So happy that I meet you soon.

Best regards