Thursday, 11 August 2016

Blackberry Tumble : Blackberries in Watercolour 2016

"Blackberry Tumble"
Blackberries growing in the hedgerow nearby give inspiration for this new painting from nature.

Having created such glowing autumnal washes this morning my imagination turned to Autumn scenes and my favourite fruits to pick. Blackberries. Here is  my first blackberry painting this year and creating it made me feel so happy.

I am working on new ideas for creating atmopheric washes and they were perfect for this scene.

I initially created a loose first wash and then literally added berries where I felt they worked within the composition. Next I added foliage. I have chosen vibrant Daniel Smith shades to give life and energy to this piece and as always in life there will always be one perfect berry that you want to pick that is totally out of yoru reach. Like the perfect painting that is always just out of your grasp but you know you want to reach it so very badly.

Playing with washes daily is definitely improving my own art skills and making me want to paint more, even better paintings with more life in my results.

I loved painting this piece. And as always I want to paint another. If you are on my workshops this year , be warned. I am all fired up and raring to go with completely new ideas.

All fired up would make a great title for a painting. That could be my next piece!



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