Thursday 18 August 2016

Humming Birds In Motion

The humming bird painting I am working on.

The trouble with humming birds is that they are addictive to paint. I can't stop. I am seeing them in every single new wash that I create each day. Not only that but they seem to keep mulitplying!
I didn't paint yesterday but when I did return to my studio this morning I could see a third humming bird appearing in the initial composition of my two birds in flight as a work in progress.  And now I can see the fourth possible bird hovering above all of the existing humming birds in this painting and this one is slightly in front.

I have finished the two main birds in flight and have changed the angle of their heads slightly. The first bird is looking at you the viewer. the second bird is looking straight ahead. I'm working from my imagination at the moment so I have no idea where this piece is going. All I know is that I like it so very much. I am in love with my new subjects and they are taking me to dizzying heights of pleasure as I create in new vibrant colour combinations.

The two completed birds so far can be seen in the below image.

Take two !

Next I will gradually bring the third humming bird to life properly and then decide if the hint of a fourth bird will add to or distract from my colourful new painting.

This is so much fun and who knew I would love painting humming birds so much! Which is exactly why those daily warm up washes from my latest book " Paint Yourself Calm" are so worthwhile. They lead you to new ideas. I feel energised as if I have been on holiday. This is painting at its' best in a happy, calm and magical mood that effects every single part of your being. Loving life!


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